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Have you ever heard “We should investigate his/her childhood !” ? Yes,probably you’ve heard. Since the late nineteenth century scientists are aware of there are reasons behind the behaviours which came from past. All people have wishes,have desires need to satisfy.Unless the person actualizes all of these because of some reasons -especially parents,society etc.- he/she will repression and this situation will be a problem in future.

In psychology’s history many scientist worked on human behaviours. But the most famous one was Sigmund Freud. Psychoanalysis was established by Sigmund Freud. Basic assumption of Psychoanalysis is “our behaviours are directed by our subconscious”. The subconscious(or the unconscious) is human’s thoughts, fears, desires that human isn’t aware of. If someone subdue these things, person tries forget,tries not thinking but thoughts,fears,desires etc. never disappears. One day in somewhere it will become apperent in anywise.It may be slip of the tongue, mental ilness, a dream or a work of art, litarature. Because human wants tor relax. Human wants to act out. As in the example of saucepan. Put the saucepan on fire. As long as you don't turn down the burner or open the cover of the saucepan it will definetly explode even if there is a very heavy stone on it. The aim of Psychoanalysis is solving the clash between consciousness and subconscious. In other words opening the cover of saucepan. Therefore the treatment in Psychoanalysis is analysis of dream,hypnosis,inspiration.

Unfortunetly,most of people are afraid to face their subconscious.Maybe one day machines can easily analyse our subconscious.Who knows?

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