24 Ekim 2010 Pazar

Attention Please

Hi everyone!!!  I am writing an article for the first time on the internet except facebook :)  The idea of setting up a blog came from my dear english teacher (I really thank him). Once upon a time I thought such a thing but then I gave up because I thought it was difficult. Now, I understand that setting up a blog is really easy (thank blogger).  Over time I talk you about me, timely, sport etc. This is just a hello letterMake a not of today for the future. The best blogger ever is coming...

3 yorum:

  1. hi.dear nur i read some part of the your article
    .do you know it is very interesting and succes to you that you write perfect articles in this age.
    i wish you will be more succesful in future.

  2. oh,thanks a lot... I hope I will be :) and I'm sure you will be!